Nov 17, 2003
Im feelin it...

For most of you people, you have heard ofBrittany...well fallin for her...she is an awesome person...and i just wish she would be mine. I love hangin out with her...and talking to her and stuff...its just so great to have someone in my life like so fuckin going to keep this entry a short one cause its like 3am and i have school in 4 hours...but Brittany...i know youre out there...and i just want you to know that i really do like you and that shit you hear is just shit so please dont beleive the things ppl say...<333


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Nov 8, 2003
At muh boy Seth's house... has just been a normal day other then the fact that im over at seths...this hardly ever occurs anymore..i dont know why but it just doesnt....anyways i woke up this morning to a note on my computer saying "Went to Dollar Store, 11AM, Love Mom" and she still hasnt came home....and it is now either she got a little too damn carried away at the fuckin dollar store or something happened or there is the possibility of her being at my uncles house...lets hope for the best...

All plans ruined for tonight...cause of my mom...but its cool i guess....ive been over here at seths since about 4 i think...hangin out....playing video games and shit...we went to my ex's house to get my SNES and it turns out that she let the damn dog chew on the now im missing a cord to no SNES yet until that gets were watchin "The Matrix: Reloaded" or whatever and he ordered a was good...but other than that ive been kickin it with Mike (seths dog) and we have been eating dorritos, yes me and the dog have been eating dorritos together...they were good also...lmao....i was getting a little bored with the movie so i figured i would get on here and tell you guys how my day has been so far.....oh yeah...this morning i was supposed to go to the mall with Jade and go shopping but our plans fell through cause her grandma felt uncomfortable taking a guy with her to go shopping...lmao...."oh granny, nice thong!" lmao.....she should feel uncomfortable...tsk tsk....well now im talking to Megan K. and i guess i will be going now....peace out yall!


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Nov 6, 2003
The past couple of days....

The past couple of days for me have been very odd...and they have lead me to some situations that I really didnt know how to mess with or get out of...isn't life just great? --sighs--

Anyways...I think im beginning to like a certain someone alot more than what I used to. But then I go back and I think about what happened to me in my last relationship and I dont know if  I could handle that shit if it was to ever happen to me again...those were prolly the worst times of my life...I prolly attempted suicide atleast 4 to 5 times a week...but i would always bitch out one way or another. In a way im glad i never did anything cause then I wouldnt be in the type of situations iam in now...for all you people who stumbled upon my journal somehow....i was in a three year relationship with this girl. And it was like any other relationship...everything was good until it reached its peak...and everything just started to tumble sucked....we were constantly arguing and the end...she broke up with me...i was heart broken...i was left suicidal and ultimately depressed...i was in a state where i didnt give a fuck what was going on around me...whether it delt with my friends...or even my family...but n-e-ways too make a long story short....i found my way to God and helped me out of all of lifes problems that just fell on me all at led me to some other relationships but they didnt last long, but thats what younger girls do to you i guess...well im running late for this thing ih ave to go to...i will finish this later on tonight..

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Nov 4, 2003
I think I'm sick...

Yeah...I believe im either sick or that iam getting there...i woke up this morning with this horrible pain in my stomach...i dont know whats wrong i prolly ate something bad...but anyways i still had to go to sucked ass...i didnt have to practice told me to go im just kind of sitting here being bored off my damned ass...there isnt shit to im just sitting here doing this and now im talking to Brittany Boggs...(I would)she told me her quote and hell i dont have anything else to do so here read it yourself:

 "Many guys can hold your hand, but only one guy can hold your heart."

Yeah...anyways i think im gonna go on that out yall...


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Nov 3, 2003
The Left Out Stories... gonna start off with the information that im finally over rachel...that was for all you people who didnt know...i was in a relationship with this girl Chellsie..but she believed some rumors that i beat all my girlfriends and broke up with me...that sucks but oh well...anyways life since then has been ok...ive finally gotten out of that depressed state that I was feels good to be getting out alot more too...Saturday i went and seen BROTHER BEAR~ it was fuckin awesome...well this is it for tonight...i can barely see what im writing....later.......


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A Brand New Friggin' Journal

Hey Everyone! Whats Crackalackin?Well incase most of you didn't notice...i got a new journal...its neat isn't it? If there is anyone that comes along this journal..that has a better lay out then this shitty me please! This is cooler than Blurty by far...thank you Maigan for showing me something new! Yippee! Peace!


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